Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sign Language

I keep my trusty Cannon Rebel XSi with me when I travel. Still a rookie shutterbug, I shoot literally hundreds of photos in the hopes that maybe 20% of them work out. As of late, I’ve been attracted to shooting signs.

Why signs, you ask?

Signs give direction (literally).

Mark history.



(In this case, without needing to elaborate).


Remind you where you’ve been.
(After a few of Pat O’Brien’s Hurricanes, you’ll need the help)

Make you laugh.

Beat you over the head.
(and teach languages!)

Surprise you.
(Well, Bubba Gump at the top of Victoria Peak surprised me)

And, of course, showcase local flavor.

Many of these photos were taken in the great city of New Orleans over the holidays, which is likely the reason why “Peace Y’all” hung over Royal Street. Though, I must say, the sign makes me quite happy so it would please me to no end if it were a permanent fixture.

That's all for today. Peace, y'all. 

Send me a sign! What's the most unique sign you've encountered? 

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