Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drunk and Hungry? Hey, It Happens.

{Photo by katmere}
So you’re on the road. You’ve imbibed on the area’s local hooch. It’s 10 o’clock, and, gee whiz, you realize that street kebab you had at 6pm just didn’t fill you up.

What to do?

Here are a few places that serve up a mighty tasty late-night nosh. Get out your notebooks and pencils, class. Ready?

D&H in Brussels, Maison Antoine: With over 30 sauces to choose from, ranging from mayonnaise to hot pepper to hot pepper and mayonnaise, Maison Antoine is saucy frite heaven. You can get your hands on these double-fried bites of happiness until 1:00am on weeknights - 2:00am on Friday & Saturday because they clearly know their audience. Do I really need to elaborate? 1, Jourdan place, 1040 Brussels (Etterbeek), + 32 2 230 54 56.

D&H in DC, Star & ShamrockJewish deli meets Irish pub. Mad love ensues. Pan-fried matzoh balls and house-roasted corned beef are born. Shalom. Open until midnight daily. 1341 H Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002, +1 202 388 3833. 

D&H in London, MaozOpen until at least midnight every night (2:30am on Friday & Saturday - take that, Maison Antoine!), their all-vegetarian menu will fill you up on fairly healthy grub after a night of burning calories in the discos of Soho. 43 Old Compton St, Westminster, London W1D 6HG, UK, +44 020 7851 1586.

D&H in MontréalFrite Alors!: What's better than deep fried spuds? Deep fried spuds smothered in cheese curds and gravy. Don't like cheese curds? (Clearly, then, you don't like me.) Try fried onions, green peppers, bacon, or even dried venison sausage. Hey, different strokes... Ten area locations. 

Drunk and hungry at home or abroad? Tell us where to go! 


  1. Your reference to Old Compton reminded me of one of my favorite drunk landings -- Tuk Tuk.

    I would have eaten that every night of the week while over there during the holidays were it not for the guilt of robbing my palette of more diversity.

    Double Tuk is Aisan. It's noodles (the big fat kind) and it's on the way from the Admiral Duncan to the Duke of Wellington -- from one royal dive bar to another.

    Love your posts, Jean Bean. Keep 'em coming. You have a fan in Petworth!

  2. Noodles in Soho - deeelish! Thanks for sharing and for being a loyal Ping reader, Petworth Princess!


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