Friday, October 15, 2010

Like Outer Space? Got $200K? You're Golden.

{Image by Acbo}
“Space…the Final Frontier.”

Captain James T. Kirk zipped around the solar system in the USS Enterprise free of charge and probably got a nice government pension to boot. Want to fulfill your Star Trek fantasy? You can start by hopping on Virgin Galactic’s suborbital spacecraft and travel 62 miles above the planet. It’s no Enterprise, but thrilling to us Earthlings nonetheless. In just a few seconds, space travelers venture almost 2,500 miles per hour – over three times the speed of sound. Weightlessness! The view!  Space odyssey indeed.

If handing over Sir Richard Branson US$200,000 is too much for your wallet, you can check out Space Adventures, who will offer a similar experience for only US$102,000. Though, I must say, space travel is no area I would plan to bargain shop. 

For further thoughts on space tourism’s imminent boom, check out

Yay or nay - Is space your final frontier?

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