Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frugal Fun: Online Book Swappin'

If you’re anything like me, you like a good travel guidebook. Not that I necessarily read them from cover to cover. Booking a trip to a new city makes me feel like I have the right to go out and buy a shiny new book. So I do. Then they sit. On my bookshelf. Collecting dust well after the trip is over.  Don’t get me wrong – some guidebooks, I cherish! Let’s Go Europe 1998 from my semester abroad? It’s a keeper. But, as for the rest, well, they need to go. 

Thus, I present you with PaperBackSwap.  Here’s the deal: 

You post a book (or books) online that you’d like to swap. A fellow member likes it? You mail it to them. Then, you receive a "credit" to order a book from the rest of the four million plus selections available from the swapping community. Your seller, in turn, mails it to you for free (as you’ve absorbed the cost of sending your book, so do they). 

And there you have it. Old books off-loaded. New books received. The only cost incurred is postage. Pretty sweet, right? I know!

Gaga for guidebooks? Cherish forever or swap wildly? 

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