Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gettin' Salty in Portland has named Portland, Oregon as one of their September Top Picks. I couldn’t agree more!

Earlier this year, I traveled to Portland with my friend Erin on a whirlwind trip through the Pacific Northwest. Friendly folks, mild climate, and good brew are phrases that come to mind. I didn’t spend nearly enough time there, but here are some highlights:

Light Rail

As a car-free, public transportation patron for the past eight years, I found Portland’s light rail to be a winning system. Easy to use, clean, and runs frequently. Really all you can ask for in public transport – yet somehow rarely find.

Tax-free Shopping

Did you know there’s no sales tax in Oregon? Neither did I! You can support one of Portland’s many independent retailers and still have leftover cash in your pocket for that pint of Rogue. Speaking of…


BridgePort, Widmer Brothers Gasthaus Pub, McMenamins...and that’s just the beginning, folks.

Powell’s Books
Probably one of the most well-known independent bookstores in the US (now with seven stores in the Portland area), pop in here to buy new or used books, attend a book reading, or lessen your travel load by selling them your used books. Want to support the indie book scene from your desktop? Powell’s entire inventory is available for online purchase.

Gourmet Sea Salt
Sadly, we had no time on our trip to visit The Meadow, a gourmet shop specializing in sea salt, among other items. I nearly wept. Why, you ask? Sugar Maple Smoked Sea Salt? Bacon Barbeque Chef Salt? Black Truffle Salt?? You’d cry, too. For salt fanatics outside Portland, you can order online and also follow their mighty good-lookin’ blog, Salt News.

Struck by its dramatic natural beauty and vivacious cultural scene, I’m determined to make it back to Oregon soon to revisit Portland, explore the coast, and hit up some wineries.

Plus, I really, really want some black truffle salt. Seriously.

What’s your favorite stop on the “Oregon Trail”?


  1. Hi Jean, Portland looks like a pretty cool place. And is it literally a cool place? It looks quite chilly in those pics, like Edinburgh where I'm from. I wonder if you know Marilyn a blogger behind I think she's from Portland. Being a train nut I like the look of the light rail too! Thanks for popping over earlier. Jools

  2. You captured Portland perfectly Jean! I'm heading that way in October and will do my best to make it to The Meadow.

    Oh, memories of that fabulous beer chowder at Henry's just came rushing back. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. I was in Portland in January so it was a bit cool, but just like the mid-atlantic fall - I loved it! I'll definitely check out Marilyn's blog. Thanks, Jools!


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