Friday, September 10, 2010

Smartphone Apps: 21st Century Commuting Bliss

This week, The Washington Post launched its official transit app, DC Metro. Not only does this free service project timing for the next trains and buses, but also alerts users of delays and service announcements. It even interfaces with Express Night Out so you can ping your way to happy hour or dinner.

The downside? The Post’s app is only available for iPhone users. As an HTC EVO owner/lover, I use the free app DC Metro Transit Info. (A paid, ad-free version is also available.) In the short week I’ve had my smartphone, I’ve used it several times and find it to be quite reliable. It’s most useful when riding Metro in the evening after “peak hours.” 15 minutes to a train? “Waiter, one more round!”

Transit apps are available for most major cities around the globe, handy for locals and visitors alike. Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Vancouver are among the lot. So the next time you and your smartphone embark on a new adventure, check out the apps that can help you spend more time experiencing the city above ground rather than below. As my good friend Jim says, “You don’t have to live like that.”

Smartphone user? What's your favorite transit app?

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