Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's Get Digital

I own a Canon Rebel xsiIt’s a beautiful little piece of equipment. I love taking photos with it, especially when I travel, but I haven’t quite mastered it.

Kinderdijk, The Netherlands {photo by me and my Canon}
Having taken a rather disappointing – yet not inexpensive – photography class a few months ago, I’ve been turning to the interweb to assist with my continuing education.

Not surprisingly, you have to look no further than the blogosphere to find tricks of the trade. Many professional photographers have their own blog with helpful info, Scott Kelby among them. Blogger/domestic goddess The Pioneer Woman has an entire section of her blog dedicated to photography: shooting tips, community assignments (winner receives some awesome loot), and even free, downloadable actions for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Generous, indeed!   

Photojojo is a total delight. I subscribe to their twice-a-week newsletter and recommend all photo geeks do the same. In addition to uncovering new trends and trinkets in the photography world, they offer lots of DIY tips that are inexpensive-to-free, including how to take macro photos sans macro lens, make your photo look vintage, and create instagrams. And all of my friends should watch out on their next birthday: 2011 is going to be the Year of the Photo Cupcake.

Then, of course, there’s the Dalai Lama of the photo faction: National Geographic. Here you’ll find details on pro photographers, photo tips complete with instructional videos, and free desktop wallpapers (I change mine weekly), among other fab features. Their My Shot page allows amateur photographers to add to the community gallery and even turn personal photos into online games. Always wanted to make a virtual jigsaw puzzle of that wicked pic you took in India? No problem! In addition, Nat Geo spotlights a Photo of the Day from the My Shot community. Excellent exposure for sure (no pun intended).

With renewed appreciation for true photography talent, I voted in Nat Geo’s Energizer Ultimate Photo Contest. The winner receives a trip for two to Greece and their own Energizer ad in December’s National Geographic Magazine. So let’s get in on the fun and give these gifted folks their credit. The contest ends on September 15th - yes, tomorrow! Click here to rock the vote.

Photography enthusiast? Where do get your daily dose of wisdom?


  1. I'm a big fan of Habit - http://www.habitblog.com/habit/ - I like having a little window into other people's domestic lives as the photograph the everyday beauty around them. Very inspiring...makes me open my eyes wider.


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