Thursday, September 16, 2010

Around the World in 30 Bytes - Inaugural Edition!

I love blogs. I read travel blogs of course, but what really got me trolling the blogosphere was food. Glorious food! I found cooking tricks and techniques from across the globe by some very talented food bloggers. So here’s a new recurring “series” called Around the World in 30 Bytes to share what's bookmarked in my virtual recipe box.

Today’s edition is All About Schokolade.

Atlanta Byte: Bakerella’s Congo Bars. Cookie walks into a bar and meets Brownie. Passionate love ensues. 

Cape Cod Byte: Vanilla Sugar’s peanut butter, chocolate chunk, and bacon cookies. Do I really need to elaborate?

Nashville Byte: Ezra Pound Cake’s chocolate orange fondue. I know it’s still a bit warm here in the northern hemisphere, but, for me, fondue is a four seasons affair.

Paris Byte: David Lebovitz’ banana and chocolate upside down cake. David shares hundreds of delicious recipes on his blog. Check it out and bake away. Then send me some.

Sydney Byte: Almost Bourdain’s Kit Kat and Jelly Bean birthday cake. Line an iced cake with Kit Kat bars?? Sold.

Byte me! What’s your favorite food blog?

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